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Courage and resilience revealed in a smile

20 January 20170 comments

They say a smile is the light in the window of your soul. For Karen refugee Eh Hta Dah Shee, his beaming face belies a lifetime of struggle, deprivation and hardship.

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Rising above violence and racism

19 December 20162 comments

If Indian migrant Sravan Threerthala had turned his back on Australia after a drug-affected teenage thug plunged a large screwdriver through his temple in an unprovoked attack in 2009, no one would have blamed him.

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Canada’s refugee policy – reality versus rhetoric

15 December 20161 comment

A year ago Canada was hailed as a humanitarian exemplar for opening its doors to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, but Canadians are learning  that was just the easy part.

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Global youth development – a long haul

17 November 20160 comments

A new snapshot of global youth and their social and economic circumstances has painted a picture of slow improvement and large gaps between wealthy and poor nations.

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EXCLUSIVE: Bombs, threats, executions – life under ISIS

17 November 20161 comment

A Melbourne refugee family recently resettled here from Syria have told of the horror, barbarism and fear that became everyday life in an area controlled by ISIS extremists.

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Changing the lives of refugee women in Indonesia

17 November 20162 comments

Going beyond the fabric, a not-for-profit social enterprise is making a difference to the lives of refugee women living in Indonesia.

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Race discrimination on the rise – Scanlon Report

23 November 20160 comments

Racial and religious discrimination has spiked in Australia over the past year with Muslims, Africans and people from...

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Australians disenchanted with politics – Scanlon Report

23 November 20160 comments

The paralysis and poor quality of Australia’s political system and the dysfunction of its politicians is a major national...

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Aussies more accepting of migration than ever – Scanlon Report

22 November 20160 comments

Migration is now less of a divisive issue for Australians than at any point in the past decade, according to...

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Child refugees at risk – UN report

21 November 20160 comments

Almost 50 million children are now displaced across the globe with 28 million of them driven from their homes by...

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