Compelling news from the refugee and migrant sector

Young refugee’s passion to help his homeland

21 March 20170 comments

Somali-born refugee Omar Elmi has dreams that belie his tender years. The 17-year-old is studying horticulture and is the first Somali-born trainee taken on by Parks Victoria. He is driven by passion to help farmers and ordinary families in his homeland who face starvation because of a ‘once in a fifty-year’ drought.

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Volunteer making a difference in refugees’ lives

10 March 20170 comments

Patricia Weickhardt is an unsung hero of the suburbs. For twenty years, she has quietly gone about helping new migrants settle in Australia.

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Blood feuds, battles and bandits – a refugee’s journey

24 February 20172 comments

Unlike the armed-to-the-teeth Australian soldiers alongside him, young Afghan Nabi went into combat wielding only his language skills.

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From bandrooms to boardrooms

24 February 20170 comments

Stuart Crosby is not your average business leader. A captain of the financial services industry who professes progressive politics; a former pub band musician who dresses in smart business suits; and, a deep and lateral thinker who is also a pragmatist.

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Violence against CALD women a pressing issue

23 February 20170 comments

Women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are among the most vulnerable victims of family violence and the issue is leading to the stigmatising of some ethnic groups, a new research report says.

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Courage and resilience revealed in a smile

20 January 20170 comments

They say a smile is the light in the window of your soul. For Karen refugee Eh Hta Dah Shee, his beaming face belies a lifetime of struggle, deprivation and hardship.

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Lead story

April 2016

Human and child slavery on the rise

18 April 20160 comments

Slavery or forced labour among refugees and displaced persons is a burgeoning issue across the globe, according to two...

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March 2016

Saving a culture from extinction

23 March 20161 comment

Yuhana Nashmi has just spent three months journeying around Iran, Iraq and Turkey recording the few remaining speakers of...

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New school English program reaches out to parents

23 March 20165 comments

A group of Karen refugee parents is receiving English lessons at the school their children attend in an innovative new...

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Hollywood failing on diversity

21 March 20160 comments

Films and TV shows produced by major media companies in the US are ‘whitewashed’ and there is an ‘epidemic of...

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