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Australia increasingly diverse, 2021 Census shows

28 June 20220 comments

Australia’s population has become larger and more culturally diverse over the past five years, according to data from the 2021 census.

The nation’s population increased by 2.2 million… Read Full Article

Journalists carry the torch of freedom

7 June 20220 comments

From a small news room and studio in suburban Melbourne a group of exiled Burmese journalists is beaming news, interviews, information as well as hope and encouragement… Read Full Article

Refugees, migrants vote in their first federal election

7 June 20220 comments

Around 378,000 newly minted Australian citizens voted in last month’s federal election – the most at any election in history.

And, according Australian Electoral Commission and Department of… Read Full Article

What does Albanese’s win mean for multicultural Australia?

7 June 20220 comments

The Labor Party’s win in the 2022 federal election is being welcomed by most multicultural groups and communities around the country.

More refugee places, a revamped immigration program… Read Full Article

Refugee numbers break through 100 million

23 May 20220 comments

The war in Ukraine and other conflicts across the globe have pushed the number of people fleeing war, violence and persecution to more than 100 million for… Read Full Article

Ukrainian sisters’ flight to freedom

3 May 20220 comments

Two Ukrainian sisters have found refuge in Australia after braving bombs and snipers in a desperate journey to safety.

Yevheniia Cherkasova, 24, and her sister Alexandra, 14, fled… Read Full Article

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Work ban on asylum seekers costing UK taxpayers

18 March 20220 comments

Britain’s ban on asylum seekers gaining paid work has cost UK taxpayers £876 million ($A1.5 billion) over a decade,...

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Aged care failing diverse communities – Scanlon report

18 March 20220 comments

The requirements of culturally diverse people in aged care have been repeatedly sidelined by providers and governments,...

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Prince Charles calls for action on refugees

18 March 20220 comments

Prince Charles has called on western countries to accept more refugees in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine. On...

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Europe opens it arms to Ukrainians

4 March 20220 comments

More than half a million Ukrainians have fled their homeland since Russian forces invaded, according to the UN’s...

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