Compelling news from the refugee and migrant sector

Diverse communities missing out on gender violence support – study

6 June 20240 comments

Emerging refugee and migrant communities in Australia are being left behind when it comes to resources to tackle the scourge of gender-based violence, a survey of community… Read Full Article

Refugee’s epic journey to freedom

4 June 20240 comments

This month marks 50 years since the beginning of one 20th Century’s major refugee crises when large numbers of so called ‘boat people’ began to flee Indochina.

In… Read Full Article

Federal budget offers restrained relief

17 May 20240 comments

The 2024 federal budget will see Australia’s migration and refugee programs remain as significant parts of the nation’s political and economic lifeblood.

The migration program will see an… Read Full Article

Safe space created for Melbourne’s gig workers

1 May 20240 comments

They are the forgotten people of cities around the world – gig workers and delivery drivers who go about their difficult and often dangerous jobs with little… Read Full Article

Reflections on my homeland

18 April 20240 comments

I have been living permanently in Melbourne for the past 20 years and in 2023 my family and I decided to go back to Nepal for a… Read Full Article

Sun shines finally on Persian chef

18 April 20240 comments

Twelve years after he fled Iran in fear of his life Melbourne chef and humanitarian Hamed Allahyari can now call Australia his forever home.

As asylum seekers, Hamed… Read Full Article

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Bold colours, mysterious imagery on show in migrant artist’s work

8 May 20240 comments

A stunning exhibition of paintings by Chinese-Australian artist Pei Wang, which range from vibrant still life to...

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State budget ‘steady as she goes’

8 May 20240 comments

The 2024-25 Victoria budget treads a tricky path between reining in debt, promoting economic growth and providing relief on...

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Film explores what happens when refugees arrive in a struggling UK community

2 May 20240 comments

Legendary UK filmmaker Ken Loach’s apparently final film is the story of what happens when a group of Syrian refugees...

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Multicultural health revamp urged in new report

2 May 20240 comments

A National Multicultural Health Framework at the federal level, and multicultural health strategies at the state and...

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