Compelling news from the refugee and migrant sector

Signs of social cohesion under siege – Scanlon Report

16 November 20230 comments

Australia’s cost-of-living crisis, uncertainty about the economy and growing concerns about global conflicts are eating away at Australia’s much-valued high levels of social cohesion, a new research… Read Full Article

Palestinians going through hell – in Gaza and abroad

2 November 20230 comments

“You wake up each morning not knowing if you will hear good news or bad news – or thinking are you going to be able to get… Read Full Article

The Gaza conflict – how we got here

2 November 20231 comment

More than 1400 Israeli civilians were killed when the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented brutal assault on Israel on October 7, with hundreds of gunmen… Read Full Article

Local Syrians fear for family, friends trapped in Iraq

2 November 20230 comments

Melbourne’s Syrian community holds grave fears for family and friends trapped in the Iraqi city of Erbil.

After at first being welcomed and supported by the local population,… Read Full Article

Young refugee soccer star making his mark

2 November 20230 comments

When Aaron Reyes’ older brother was shot and killed as a bystander in an armed hold up, his family decided it was time to leave their home… Read Full Article

Afghan family reunited after decade-long ordeal

5 October 20230 comments

An Afghan refugee living in Melbourne has been reunited with members of his family he has not seen for more than nine years.

Dr Abdulatif Stanikzai, who fled… Read Full Article


October 2023

Sport a tool to fight for human rights

5 October 20230 comments

Adiba Ganji says she represents the women of Afghanistan who have had their basic human rights taken away by the...

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February 2023

Support for immigration falls among Americans – survey

22 February 20230 comments

The proportion of Americans who want fewer migrants has risen since President Biden took office in 2021, according to a...

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September 2022

UN reports condemns Xinjian human rights abuses

15 September 20220 comments

China’s arbitrary detention of Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minority groups in the western region of Xinjiang may...

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July 2022

Chinese not buying Xi’s dream as asylum numbers soar

28 July 20220 comments

The number of Chinese people seeking asylum outside their country has grown steadily over the 12 years that Xi Jinping...

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