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CALD youth gain a voice

13 April 20150 comments

CALD youth gain a voice_ShoutOut_Postcard colourVictorian multicultural youth now have a much needed platform to voice their opinions and share their unique stories.

Shout Out is a new youth speakers’ agency that provides opportunities for young people to be publically heard on issues involving justice, identity and racism.

The Centre for Multicultural Youth’s recently launched the initiative to combat the marginalisation of young migrants and refugees.

CMY Youth Leadership Advisor Alice Gomez feels that young immigrants and refugees have unique perspectives and ideas to enrich Australia’s diversity.

“These young people’s voices are often stereotyped, marginalised or invisible in mainstream culture and this can damage their ability to feel like they belong,” Ms Gomez said.

“Shout Out is an opportunity for young people to redress the balance and present their stories and experiences to audiences that may not usually have the chance to hear them.”

The initiative has already proven successful with speakers from the agency presenting at events for Cultural Diversity week, Harmony Day and have bookings for Youth Week in mid-April.

Shout Out’s 18 speakers range from humanitarian entrants to Victoria, to international students. Their unique journeys provide important insights into how Australia can promote inclusiveness and celebrate cultural diversity.

Talks have been held at schools, local councils and community organisations where audiences range from youth to the elderly.

Speakers involved with the agency hope that their work will be an inspiration to other young people to be positive influences in their communities.

Celia Tran, a Shout Out speaker of Vietnamese background, sees the initiative as a way for young multicultural voices to no longer be absent from mainstream media.

“Shout Out will give young people like me the opportunity to be heard and the opportunity to be consulted on policies that affect us,” said Ms Tran.

“Through Shout Out I feel empowered and confident to step up and use my skills for leadership and advocacy.”


Ruby Brown
AMES Staff Writer