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Global migration quiz

23 November 20180 comments

Migration and refugee settlement continues to be a major political issue in Australia and around the world.
There are more people (258 million) currently living outside their country of birth than ever before. Sixty-eight million people are displaced from their homes because of conflict or persecution and many of these are deemed to be refugees.

How much do you know about this global phenomena?

Take the quiz!

1.The official definition of a refugee include which of the following elements?

a. Someone who has left his or her own country
b. Someone who fled because of fears of persecution or violence
c. Someone who is unable to return to their own country
d. All of the above


2. Individuals who have fled their homes but remained in their own country are known as what?

a. Internal refugees

b. Internally displaced persons

c. Domestically displaced persons

d. Displaced nationals



3. Approximately how many people are there in the world who are deemed to be refugees?

a. 250,000

b. 2.5 million

c. 25 million

d. 250 million


4. Which country is the source of the largest number of refugees?

a. South Sudan

b. Afghanistan

c. Democratic Republic of Congo

d. Syria


5. Which country is host to the largest number of refugees?

a. Sweden

b. Canada

c. Turkey

d. USA


6. On average how many people were displaced from their homes each day last year?

a. 44

b. 440

c. 4,400

d. 44,000


7. Which country has the largest population of internally displaced persons?

a. Iraq

b. Syria

c. Myanmar

d. Somalia


8. Which organisation is primarily responsible for the world’s refugees




d. IOM


9. How many refugees will Australia accept in this financial year?

a. 5,250

b. 8,450

c. 11,200

d. 18,750


10. From which countries did a recent extra intake of 12,000 refugees come?

a. Myanmar and Thailand

b. Somalia and South Sudan

c. Syria and Iraq

d. Lebanon and Turkey



Q1. d, all of the above

Q2. b, internally displaced persons

Q3. c, 25 million

Q4. d, Syria

Q5. c, Turkey

Q6. d, 44,000

Q7. b, Syria

Q8. a, UNHCR

Q9. d, 18,750

Q10. c, Syria and Iraq