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Migrant artist inspired by Australian landscapes

17 December 20210 comments

The colours, forms and light of Australia’s outback have inspired migrant artist Aleksandra Dukat to create a whole body of work she never dreamed possible in her native Poland.

“I’m totally inspired by nature in Australia and it has led to a whole new period in my artistic career,” Aleksandra said.

She came to Australia in 2013 to be with her Polish-born Australian husband.

“I have always have loved to explore other countries with completely different climates and natural environments as well as learning something new,” Aleksandra said.

“As an artist, the Australian environment is very inspiring for me. It’s very different to what I’m used to in Poland.

“In Poland, much of the time it’s dull and very cold. Here the plants, the animals and especially the coastline are vibrant and colourful and that inspires me,” she said.

Aleksandra said a trip to Uluru and seeing the outback for the first time created a whole new colour palette for her work.

“The colours, natural landscape forms and the aboriginal people themselves and their art were very interesting for me,” she said.

“The colours are on a different spectrum and the gradient of the colours are unique and very inspiring and give an opportunity to use new combinations of colours,’ Aleksandra said.

After arriving in Australia, Aleksandra has created a business selling prints of her original artworks, some of it aimed at children.

“I’m passionate about all domains of visual arts – I love painting, creating illustrations, designing graphics and making wooden décor,” she said

“I’ve produced craft and gifts ideas, watercolours and giclee prints with Australian motifs, handmade greetings cards and home decorations. I’ve been selling my art on line and at craft markets.

“My art is a magical mixture of my European influences and Australian inspirations,” Aleksandra said.

But the COVID pandemic lockdowns saw her business in a downturn. It is now recovering but in the meantime Aleksandra has taken on work illustrating Polish books.

“It has been good to reconnect with homeland but I’m looking forward rebuilding my business here in Australia,” Aleksandra said.

She says she doesn’t know what the long term future holds.

“I would like to go back to Poland at some stage but I would also like to visit other places in Australia and around the world,” Aleksandra.

She learned honed her artistic talents at Cracow University studying sacred art.

“This was exploring church architecture, stained glass windows and ornamental art, such as frescos. It was really interesting and gave me the basis of my career in art and the chance to follow my passion,” Aleksandra said.

She also studied journalism. Find out more about Aleksandra’s art here: