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Multicultural artist’s work on show

8 March 20240 comments

A new art exhibition explores the nexus between watercolour, Australian landscapes and Chinese art traditions.

The ‘The World Around Me’ by Chinese-Australian artist Aimee Li is on show in the Mackley Members’ Gallery at Victorian Artists Society in March 2024

Aimee Li is a talented artist who developed a passion for art from childhood, specializing in Chinese calligraphy and painting. She honed her skills through drawing and painting while she majored in Museum Study at University.

Her following career as a curator in a national museum, coupled with global travels, deepened her appreciation for both Eastern and Western artistic traditions.

After relocation to Melbourne, over the past dozen years, Aimee has developed a deep fondness for watercolour.

She has embarked on a journey of learning, creating, and exploring this art form traced by her unwavering determination and continuous practice. As her skills have blossomed, Aimee has become a sought-after tutor, generously sharing her skills with the local community.

Aimee’s multicultural background and diverse artistic influences are evident in her artworks, enriched by a unique cultural perspective.

She focuses on realism and pays attention to creating atmospheres in landscape painting. Her delicate use of colour and simple yet powerful brushstrokes create a fresh and natural elegance, conveying emotions and significance behind each piece.

Currently, Aimee balances her role as a part-time Collections Manager at the Museum of Chinese Australian History with her devotion to watercolour. Driven by her enduring dedication and passion for art, she aspires to create more works that resonate deeply with viewers, touching their hearts and minds.

Aimee’s artwork ‘Sunday Morning at Maling Road’ was selected for the Camberwell Art Show 2023.

And her piece titled ‘The Winter Sea, Sunset’ was selected for the Bluethumb Curations Winter Wonder 2023.

‘The World Around Me’ exhibition by Aimee Li is on view between March 1 and March 28, 2024, at the Mackley Members Room, Victorian Artists Society, 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne.