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News from AMES Australia

1 March 20210 comments

AMES featured at SA jobs expo

AMES Australia is currently a key exhibitor at a signature jobs expo hosted by the South Australian Government.

AMES SA is participating in the online ‘Pathways to Employment Expo’ hosted by SA’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment in South Australia.

The expo provides a connection point for AMES and other organisations to share employment information directly with job seekers in the Adelaide South region with providers allocated a virtual exhibitor booth.

AMES Employment Pathways Employment Coordinator Ethel Osazuwa said the expo differs from a traditional jobs fair or careers fair in that it is online.

“It also brings together many pathways and complimentary services available to assist people in need of support to overcome barriers for their next steps in their personal journey to employment,” Ethel said.

Held between February 1 and 26, the expo had four major themes for each week.

The theme in Week 1 was ‘wellbeing and support services’ which sought to address personal barriers to education and employment. AMES participated as a service provider with downloadable materials describing services and resources.

In Week 2, the focus was on ‘career planning, labour market and industry advice’. Ethel and AMES HSP Case Manager Amal Ghallab gave a presentation/workshop titled ‘How Migrants Find Work in South Australia’ on February 9.

“The workshop provided participants an awareness on South Australia’s job market and practical tips on how migrants find rewarding and sustainable employment,” Ethel said.

“It was engaging with detailed questions relating to specific employment support clients receive from AMES and the business support available through Thrive Enterprise,” she said.

“This was an invaluable opportunity for AMES to provide participants with the information needed to support their employment journey and promote AMES’ employment services,”


Tibetan refugee family determined to make a go of life in Australia

A family of Tibetan refugees is building a new life in Melbourne thanks to the support they’ve received from AMES Australia’s settlement programs.

Tashi and Palden and their two children are on now pathways to establishing themselves after arriving from India in late 2019.

AMES Australia HSP Caser Manager Sui Len Bawi Hrin said the family had been provided with services including essential registrations, housing, orientation and links to health and education services.

Sui said the family had shown impressive enthusiasm to work on their settlement journey and a passion to succeed.

“They have been working progressively and intensively on all the key settlement elements and they’ve shown the ability to learn quickly. They are also very persistent and are determined to achieve their settlement objectives,” Sui said. 

She said Tashi and Palden had shown great interest in learning about Australia’s health, school and transport systems as well as the nation’s culture through participating in settlement orientation and working closely with their case manager and client support workers.

“They are currently accessing local services independently and confidently,” Sui said.

Even with caring for their two children, aged 2 and 7, the couple have been keen to learn about digital technology and communications tools such as Zoom and Skype, so they can access remote learning through the COVID-19 lockdown.

Tashi and Palden have also eagerly attended AMEP English courses and Tashi has sought out volunteer tutors’ support to improve her spoken and written English.

Having improved their English, the couple have identified training opportunities and enrolled in courses.

Tashi is currently doing a Certificate III in Child Care and hopes to eventually find work.

Palden has also begun a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Operating Theatre Technician). He hopes to take on further training and improve his employability.

Tashi and Palden are part of the Tibetan diaspora who fled their homelands for India after the China annexed the area in 1951. They lived in exile there for 20 years.

They say they are happy and grateful to be in Australia.

“We love life in Australia and the opportunities that our children have here. We are determined to find work and support ourselves and enjoy all that Australia has to offer,” Tashi said.

Sui said Tashi and Palden had shown strength and passion in their settlement journey.

“They have an openness to learn new things and a focused commitment to work on their set goals. They have a clear vision of where they want to go,” Sui said.


Refugee client supported to find her path

AMES Australia Senior Employment Officer Madona Awad has used her own experience as a refugee to support a young refugee client to find work and the confidence to establish her life Australia.

Young Syrian refugee Natalee Kouriel was languishing with low self-esteem and feeling dislocated and lost.

The 20-year-old was scared to look for a job and make her way in the broader community.

But Madona’s patience, encouragement and guidance has turned Natalee’s life around.

“Natalee lacked motivation and was feeling lost but I explained to her the benefits of getting a job and making her way in the world,” Madona said.

“I told her I was there to help and that as a refugee from Lebanon, I could understand how she was feeling,” she said.

“I explained that she was missing out on life and all the opportunities this country offers,” Madona said.

Madona connected her with a lady called Agea who runs cleaning company ‘Cleaning Angels’ where Natalee now works.

“Agea was very patient and supportive of Natalee. She has supported her amazingly well, even picking her up to take her to work. Agea is a wonderful lady who is treating Natale like a daughter,” Madona said.

Natalee is now enjoying her job and planning for the future. She has enrolled in a child care course while also working part-time as a cleaner. 

“I love my job and the people I work for are very nice. My life has changed, I’m happy and I’m looking forward to the future,” Natalee said.

Madona also supported Natalee with resume writing, a police check and work related clothing. She is still helping her to obtain and pay for a driver’s licence.

“I was helping Natalee from my heart. She is a lovely girl who could so many things, given the confidence and opportunity. She just needed someone to tell her she need not be scared of life in Australia,” Madona said.