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Quiz highlights the refugee dilemma

10 December 20150 comments

Forced to choose between staying put in a conflict zone with people around you being killed or maimed, and escaping with the help of a ruthless people smuggler, what would you do?

A not for profit organisation is asking people to make the choice forced upon thousands of refugees every day through an innovative online quiz.

The Would You Rather quiz by UK charity Asylum Aid is drawing attention to the plight of asylum seekers

The Would You Rather quiz is drawing attention to the plight of asylum seekers

UK charity Asylum Aid has posted the quiz online in a bid to draw attention to the plight of refugees.

It starts off with light-hearted questions, asking whether people would rather be invisible or able to fly, for example, but takes a dark turn when the questions get tougher.

Would you rather marry a complete stranger or be forced to have sex with one?” it asks. That is the choice ISIS hands to women from some religious minorities in Iraq – convert and marry or become a sex slave.

Another asks if people would prefer to undergo genital mutilation or refuse and never see their family again after being ostracised, while other questions deal with the potentially deadly methods of crossing Europe.

All of the choices are among those made by asylum seekers and refugees across the globe.

Asylum Aid works to protect people seeking refuge from persecution and human rights abuses.

It provides free legal advice and representation to asylum seekers, while lobbying for a human rights-based system in Britain.

Zoe Gardner, a spokesperson for Asylum Aid, said that the charity wanted people to understand the terrible choices refugees are forced to make.dilemmalaunch_EN

“We want to challenge these accusations of ‘cherry pickers’ and ‘queue jumpers’ and make people think about what it means to choose to leave everything behind,” Ms Gardner said.

“There are so many risks from traffickers – of violence and rape and extortion – but people don’t have a choice,” she said.

“They put themselves in that dangerous situation because they are fleeing another kind of harm,” Ms Gardner said.

Take the quiz:

Skye Doyle
AMES Australia Staff Writer