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The Global refugee crisis – how you can help

15 September 20153 comments

Donate financially:

UNICEF has been a lead agency throughout the crisis, responding to needs throughout the region by providing water, sanitation and hygiene, education, health care and child protection.

Red Cross• Red Cross is providing emergency health services at central train stations in Italian cities. In August alone, the Hungarian Red Cross delivered 700 hygiene packs and has provided medical care to 2,000 people. The main priorities are first aid and medical assistance. The Red Cross’ Syria Crisis Appeal seeks to help more than 16 million Syrians urgently in need.

International Rescue Committee is improving the living conditions for stranded migrants by setting up camps.

The UN Refugee Agency is providing water, mosquito nets and health care in light of the fact 4 million Syrians are now refugees.

World Vision is providing water, food, shelter, education and mental health care.

Doctors of the World has started the Support the Calais Refugees donation page through to run two field clinics in the main camp and a team of volunteer doctors and nurses are providing medical help.

Save the Children staff are on the ground now distributing essential items such as diapers, hygiene kits and food.

CARE Australia has operations in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria, offering assistance to people affected by the Syrian conflict with cash to pay for basic living costs and distributing care packages for newly arrived refugees that include mattresses, blankets, baby items and hygiene products. The team has already distributed care packages to migrants in Serbia who have made the long journey from Iraq or Syria.

Doctors Without Borders says it has rescued more than 11,000 people at risk of drowning through its search and rescue operations on the Mediterranean Sea through mid-August. The organisation is also providing direct medical services to refugees in locations throughout the Mediterranean.

Do something for change at a grassroots level:

• Get in touch with your local Federal Member of Parliament. Write a letter or an email.

• Support the UN Refugee Agency in their quest to protect Syrian refugees. The organisation says the Syrian war has created the biggest refugee crisis in the world with 4 million people fleeing to neighbouring countries.

Migrant Offshore Aid Station is a foundation based in Malta whose mission is to prevent migrant and refugee deaths at sea while crossing the Mediterranean in unsafe vessels.

Pledge: Read up on how the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are helping on the ground in Europe and sign up to their #protecthumanity call for action.



Laurie Nowell
AMES Australia Senior Journalist