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SPMP student lands a job

29 October 20130 comments

pouria-ebram pic x150AMES student Pouria Ebram has secured a job as a direct result of his participation in AMES initiatives for skilled migrants. He attended both the AMES Skilled Professional Migrants Program (SPMP) and later, the Working the Australian Way two-day seminar.

Pouria, a technical design engineer from Iran, started work with a telecommunications company on October 7.

He arrived in Australia in October 2012 and initially found it difficult to find appropriate work in his field of expertise because of his unfamiliarity with the Australian job search process, workplace culture and the job market.

In December, Pouria completed the SPMP, in which he received advice on job seeking as well as resume writing. He also took part in mock interviews.

“The SPMP course was very helpful in assisting me to gain an understanding of workplace culture in Australia and it also gave me practical skills,” Pouria said.

After finishing SPMP, he had interviews for which he received good feedback but the final offer still didn’t come. Disappointed, he joined the Working the Australian Way seminar and during this, he did 2 mock interviews with AMES corporate partners.

“This practice and feedback reassured me. All the skills I’d gained on SPMP were vital and then the 2 day seminar helped bring my confidence back. Soon after, I had another interview and this time, I was offered a job in my field. This has made a big difference to my life in Australia,” he said.

The SPMP is a four-week intensive program that assists those with professional qualifications to develop suitable job search skills. It includes the preparation of resumes and job applications, interview skills and networking.

The Working the Australian Way seminar is run twice a year with assistance from a range of key corporate supporters. Places are limited and skilled migrants who have studied appropriate courses at AMES can apply to participate.

These two programs aim to strengthen participants’ understanding of the Australian job market and workplace culture; they also benefit from the helpful feedback of corporate volunteers.