Compelling news from the refugee and migrant sector

Sewing enterprise knitting a community together

18 October 20161 comment

A group of Karen Burmese refugee women at Nhill in western Victoria have opened a social enterprise business in the town’s main street selling home wares and fabric products.

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Finding work the focus of Syrian refugee

17 October 20160 comments

Amer Gerges’ final decision to leave behind his home and his life behind came when artillery shells slammed into buildings near his home during fighting between ISIS and the…

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Refugees find fortune in family

7 September 20160 comments

As a single mum with two children, Syrian refugee Collette Hannah made the bravest decision of her life leaving behind her job, her home and everything she had known when she fled her homeland to find safety for herself and her kids.

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Rising above tragedy to become the heart and soul of a refugee community

7 September 20161 comment

Karen Burmese refugee Evelyn Kunoo tells a heartbreaking story about her family that is emblematic of refugees across the world.

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Discrimination and exclusion issues for migrants – study finds

24 August 20160 comments

Newcomers to Australia cherish our freedom, democracy, and standard of living but some are happier than others and different groups experience varying levels of racism and exclusion, according to a first ever broad survey of the attitudes of recent migrants.

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Forced to flee a lifetime of work: the story of a WWII veteran turned refugee

15 August 20162 comments

The 93-year-old Syrian refugee has seen trouble and hardship in his long life; he fought with the British army in WWII and he carved a productive farm out of a barren piece of land. But he says he has experienced nothing that compares with the bloodiness of the current conflict in Syria, nor the barbarous brutality of Islamic State.

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African population boom fuelling refugee crisis

18 October 20160 comments

An unprecedented population boom in Africa is fuelling the global migration crisis with fertility rates in some parts of...

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Nansen passport a utopian solution to displacement

18 October 20160 comments

An historic, though little known, solution to the response to the global displacement crisis and the arrival of hundreds...

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Migration index to shine light on policy

18 October 20160 comments

The first ever index measuring the quality of national migration programs has been published by the International...

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Cricket in Germany boosted by refugees

18 October 20160 comments

One of the effects of the influx of asylum seekers and refugees into Germany has been a boom in the...

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