Compelling news from the refugee and migrant sector

The Changing Global Religious Landscape

19 April 20170 comments

Christians will be outnumbered by Muslims by 2035 as birth rates in Islamic countries outstrip those in the west, according to a new demographic analysis.

In recent years, more babies…

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A new lease on life for refugee family

18 April 20170 comments

For Syrian refugees Tawfik and Ghunwa Mira settling in Melbourne has not just given them safety and a chance to rebuild their lives, it has also given them back…

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Solving the global refugee crisis

4 April 20172 comments

Two of the world’s leading experts on migration and human displacement have laid out a ten-point plan to fix the world’s burgeoning refugee crisis.

Oxford Univeristy professors Alexander Betts and…

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Political agreement on multiculturalism, migration

30 March 20170 comments

As debate around migration and refugees turns toxic around the globe, the two leaders of Australia’s major political parties have both outlined of the benefits of the nation’s migration…

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Young refugee’s passion to help his homeland

21 March 20170 comments

Somali-born refugee Omar Elmi has dreams that belie his tender years. The 17-year-old is studying horticulture and is the first Somali-born trainee taken on by Parks Victoria. He is driven by passion to help farmers and ordinary families in his homeland who face starvation because of a ‘once in a fifty-year’ drought.

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Volunteer making a difference in refugees’ lives

10 March 20170 comments

Patricia Weickhardt is an unsung hero of the suburbs. For twenty years, she has quietly gone about helping new migrants settle in Australia.

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Lead story

June 2016

History in reverse – Europeans sought safe havens in the Middle East

10 June 20160 comments

It is a quirk of history and the almost diametrical reverse of the current influx of refugees into Europe –...

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Escape from the ‘killing fields’ – a refugee journey

4 June 20162 comments

Sitting on his father’s shoulders walking through rice paddies littered with bodies left behind by brutal Khmer Rouge...

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May 2016

Kenya’s expulsion of refugees a catastrophe in the making

19 May 20160 comments

The Kenyan government’s announcement that it will attempt to close all of the country’s refugee camps, including the...

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The business of settling in to a new community

19 May 20160 comments

For Eritrean refugee Nadia Hassan Australia has truly proved to be the land of opportunity. The mother of three has...

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