Compelling news from the refugee and migrant sector

Forced displacement on the rise – UN report

4 December 20230 comments

More than 114 million people are likely forcibly displaced by war, persecution, violence, and human rights around the world by the end of this year, according to… Read Full Article

Ukrainian refugee rebuilding her life

4 December 20230 comments

A Ukrainian refugee who fled her homeland as the Russians pressed home their invasion has started to rebuild her life in Melbourne.

Asiiat Aliieva is effectively a single… Read Full Article

Signs of social cohesion under siege – Scanlon Report

16 November 20230 comments

Australia’s cost-of-living crisis, uncertainty about the economy and growing concerns about global conflicts are eating away at Australia’s much-valued high levels of social cohesion, a new research… Read Full Article

Palestinians going through hell – in Gaza and abroad

2 November 20230 comments

“You wake up each morning not knowing if you will hear good news or bad news – or thinking are you going to be able to get… Read Full Article

The Gaza conflict – how we got here

2 November 20231 comment

More than 1400 Israeli civilians were killed when the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented brutal assault on Israel on October 7, with hundreds of gunmen… Read Full Article

Local Syrians fear for family, friends trapped in Iraq

2 November 20230 comments

Melbourne’s Syrian community holds grave fears for family and friends trapped in the Iraqi city of Erbil.

After at first being welcomed and supported by the local population,… Read Full Article

- December 1999

June 2019

How the new federal ministry shapes up

7 June 20190 comments

In the wake of the Coalition’s federal election victory last month, some aspects of the leadership structure of the...

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December 2013

The Multicultural Hub celebrates its fifth birthday!

9 December 20130 comments

Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub marked its fifth birthday this week with a celebratory event attended by staff and...

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Glass ceiling lower for CALD women

9 December 20130 comments

Women are grossly under-represented on Australian boards and those from non-English speaking backgrounds are almost...

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Temporary skilled work visas a conduit for permanent migration

9 December 20131 comment

Australia’s controversial skilled migrant program has been “a wonderful success” that demands changes to the...

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